About us

About us

Beginning operations in 1984, National Technology Inc. has grown to a multi-facility manufacturer of printed circuit boards by focusing on customer service and satisfaction and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

As we approach four decades of service to our industry, we are continuing the pursuit of excellence in the fabrication of production and time-critical printed circuits while delivering world-class quality, globally competitive pricing, unparalleled service and unrivaled on-time delivery.

Our commitment to the three elements of our success has not changed and it is these three elements that inspire our every move:

About us

Commitment to our Customer

Partnering, service and long-term customer/supplier relationships are often overused and hollow terms in today’s business environment. We, at National Technology are committed at all levels to provide customer service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Customer satisfaction is not enough – our aim is to delight our customers with their experience.

About us

Continuous Improvement

Continual improvement in all facets of our business is essential. It is what drives our daily efforts. Excellence in service to our customers; product and process quality; development and support of our people is the objective and we will not rest in our pursuit.

About us

Maintaining our technology edge

Through facility expansion, process improvement, conservative fiscal management and an assertive capital acquisition plan we have been able to stay abreast of technology advances in our industry. Our customers continue to drive us with more demanding and complex requirements and we will continue to respond with solutions that exceed their expectations.

It is important to mention that this edge is not only limited to product and process, but also to environmental policy. We are committed to being good stewards and good neighbors as we maintain our facilities in compliance with today’s regulations as well as exceeding future regulatory requirements.

There are many factors involved in making a business successful. We believe that the NT companies have found the right combination. We plan to continue our growth into the next decade and beyond, maintaining and expanding on the business philosophy that has brought us to where we are today.

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