Automotive Circuit Board Manufacturing

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Many new technologies have been introduced into the field of vehicle manufacturing. Thanks to these innovations, massive shifts have happened that propel the industry to new heights. The most popular is the use of printed circuit boards for cars and trucks. We provide mechanical support and electric connection to different components of your vehicles, applications of which can extend further to computers, ovens, mobile phones, televisions, and amplifiers. If you require automotive circuit board manufacturing in Central Illinois, you have come to the right place. National Technology, Inc. has been your chosen manufacturer of products like circuit boards for your industry for 40 years. One of our specialty industries is auto, but we also cater to electronics, telecommunications, industrial automation and the military.

Circuit Board Applications in Vehicles

One of the most common uses of vehicle PCBs involves the deployment of airbags, of which safety must be prioritized. Our circuit boards can be incorporated in the airbag deployment rate sensor, which is vital in dissipating static electricity and triggering the airbag to open up upon impact.

Printed circuit boards are also commonly used in the audio and video (AV) equipment found in many vehicles, which helps connect electrical components to ensure proper function. They can also be used for:

  • GPS
  • Antilock brake systems
  • Power converters
  • Engine coolant level monitors
  • Engine timing systems
  • LED brake lights
  • Remote diagnostic systems
  • Security systems
  • Power distribution junction box
  • Transmission sensors
Automotive Circuit Board Manufacturing

Printed circuit boards for the auto industry are essential because they are welcomed innovations in vehicle manufacturing. PCB manufacturers should be capable of producing tiny circuit boards, as most vehicle types can only accommodate a limited amount of space for electronic control devices. We are capable of that and more here at National Technology.

Pretty much everything you see in your car that’s digitally displayed is controlled by a circuit board. PCBs in the auto industry are also popular because they’re so easy to repair and easy to reproduce.

What Sets Us Apart

The manufacturing of printed circuit boards requires a skill that can only be developed over many years of experience. How a circuit board is made is everything. A sub-par unit will go on to wreak havoc throughout the entire end product – in this case, a car – and that’s a significant safety issue. At National Technology, Inc., we can make the custom circuit boards you need to power your automotive line.

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality, prototype and quick-turn, printed circuit boards for the automotive industry.

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