Telecommunications Circuit Board Manufacturing

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PCBs are vital in the telecommunications industry. In fact, PCBs are what make electronic communications equipment possible. From broadcasting networks to office communications, we can’t imagine a world without printed circuit boards connecting us faster, more clearly and more efficiently than ever. To get those kinds of results, we need printed circuit boards for precise, fast, effective communication. That’s why you can rely on National Technology, Inc. for telecommunications circuit board manufacturing. As a leading manufacturer of products like circuit boards for 40 years, one of our specialty industries is telecommunications, but we also cater to electronics, automotive, industrial automation and the military.

Applications and Types

The type of PCB you need for the telecom industry will depend heavily on the application. One of the more common uses of telecom PCBs is for office communication, where they appear in phone switching systems, video collaboration, PBX systems and VoIP devices. Communications PCBs are also used in telecommunications systems such as satellites, cell towers, high-speed routers and servers, as well as commercial phone technology. They also control LED displays and indicators.

Aluminum PCBs are usually best for this industry, as they are light yet durable and ideal for heat transfer. Also, they prevent oxidation, board disfigurement and other heat-related failures because they dissipate heat more effectively. Many telecommunications PCBs have to be able to withstand the elements, as they are located outdoors. This is when you will need durable, temperature-resistant products.

Printed circuit boards for the telecom industry are vital, as this industry demands the production of tiny circuit boards. They have to be able to accommodate small devices often, such as phones, AV equipment and more. We are capable of that and more here at National Technology.

Pretty much everything you see in your daily life that’s digitally displayed is controlled by a circuit board. PCBs in the telecom industry are popular because they’re so easy to repair and easy to reproduce.

Telecommunications Circuit Board Manufacturing

Why are We Different?

First off, we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality, prototype and quick-turn, printed circuit boards for the telecommunications industry. We have the experience and capability to make the custom circuit boards you need to power your telecommunications products. That’s because we evolve as the technology does, adapting and adjusting to all new developments.

Operating out of two plants, you can rest assured we take telecommunications circuit board manufacturing very seriously. Here at National Technology, Inc., we put our customers’ satisfaction first every time, working with you to ensure a perfect end product.

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